Education and Training

An integral part of the Winthrop Wound Healing Center's mission is to help educate and train the next generation of wound-healing specialists. To facilitate this, Winthrop's wound healing program has training opportunities available for residents, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty who are interested in careers in patient-oriented research in wound care, with particular emphasis on the diabetic patient. We are currently funded by a K24 grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), which is explicitly intended to further these educational efforts.

A major focus of our center's research and clinical practice involves reducing limb loss and mortality resulting from chronic wounds. Our wound healing protocols take a patient-centered approach to wound care that includes systematic monitoring, early detection of skin breaks, and comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment of the emerging wound and its underlying medical causes. This work utilizes the next-generation version of the Online Wound Electronic Medical Record (OWEMR), which uses medical informatics and clinical decision support to track patient outcomes and provide information in real-time to clinicians at all points of care (i.e. hospital, outpatient clinic, and nursing facility).

Our team is also committed to improving treatment and outcomes in persons suffering from chronic wounds by conducting clinical outcomes research. Projected studies over the next five years will:

Our ongoing clinical research program comprises all the diverse areas of investigation necessary to advance the treatment of chronic and complex wounds. Its interdisciplinary integrated team approach includes both clinicians and investigators involved in wound care and research. This provides a rich environment that allows us to leverage the expertise of more experienced investigators in order to help train, mentor and encourage residents, post-docs and junior faculty interested in pursuing careers in clinical research.

Wound Healing Fellowships

Winthrop University Hospital is currently recruiting a candidate who has completed a minimum of two years of general surgery residency for a fully NIH funded clinical research fellowship. This work will focus on exciting research in stem cells, growth factors, genomics, and informatics as it relates to limb salvage and other advances for complicated wounds. The fellow will also be trained in the development and coordination of multi-center clinical trials.

 All interested applicants meeting the necessary requirements should please forward their curriculum vitae to Julie DiGregorio, CCRP at


Click here to read a personal statement from Stephan Barrientos, MD, on his fellowship experience at the Winthrop Wound Healing Center.

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